If we lived a life of “What if’s”


What if…..

What if….years ago you were told to get in a random car with someone that you don’t know.  This random person would drive you from place to place….umm NO THANKS! CREEPY!

What if….someone told you that you should rent a room in a strangers house. You or your friends had no clue who they were. HECK NO!!!

Seriously, would you have ever thought that something like this would be a norm nowadays? Do these companies sound familiar? UBER and AIRBNB are industry disruptors!!!! The founders of AIRBNB were having trouble paying their rent and looked for ways to make extra cash….billion dollar company! UBER….billion dollar company!  Would we have thought people would be doing this 5 years ago? What if…the founders of these companies decided to play it safe and do what everyone else was doing? They wouldn’t be where they are today!

So when an opportunity looked me smack dab in the face…..I had to ask the questions. Another industry disruptor wanted me to partner with them.  Was I scared…heck yeah! But what’s scarier is not giving something that could be EVERYTHING that I was looking for a chance. I saw my future self working long shifts, weekends, or holidays for the rest of my professional nursing career. My salary cap was soon approaching and I am only in my 30’s. How could that be?  I am still paying off my students loans.  This is what truly scared me!  Knowing that the only way to increase my salary was to go back to school and accumulate more student loans.   I loved my job but I needed more options.   I wanted a chance to re-write my own story,dream bigger, create something of my OWN, have the option to walk away from that 9-5 job if I choose, and spend more time with my family.

I locked arms with this billion dollar brand that is in the same caliber as Amazon, Netflix, Airbnb, and Uber. And guess what….they are looking for more people who WANT MORE too!

Rodan + Fields is currently in the US, Canada, and we JUST launched into our first global market, Australia! And we aren’t slowing down! The Doctors have plans for Europe & Asia to soon follow suit within the coming years!

+ R+F grew by $1B from 2016-2017
+ With 40% growth in 2017 alone
+ We are the #1 skincare company in North America

We are on track to hit $2B in sales by the end of 2018.

The way people are shopping is changing. The way people earn $$ is changing. Adding another revenue stream to your household is smart. Forbes says, “The best time to join a company is in the midst of global expansion and when new products launch.” aka NOW

Nothing changes if nothing changes…are you READY? Click to learn more


If we lived a life of what if’s….life for us would be stagnant!  We wouldn’t be growing every day by challenging ourselves.  We wouldn’t be discovering new things and learning who we really are and what we REALLY gives us  purpose!  Living a life of no more WHAT IF’s has led us to discover a new love here in Puerto Rico.  It has given my kids an opportunity to learn things they would have never learned before.  Being able to work from anywhere, we now get to travel, explore, and serve our community together!




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