Perfectly Imperfect

As my family and I sat on the beach watching the sun go down, I couldn’t help but notice the sand.  Even though every crevice had its own shape, there was not one that was the same.  Every once in a while the wind would pick up and change the shape once again or a large wave would come and flatten it.  This is life though…we get knocked down! There is no such thing as the perfect life! The part we must realize is that what we do after that point of getting knocked down is going to change you.  How we react and grow will change the trajectory of your life. That gust of wind, our determination and attitude, will mold us to an even more beautiful dune.

We have lived in Puerto Rico for 4 months now, and to say we have grown has been an understatement.  We look at life differently, we react to struggles differently, and we are more thankful for the things we previously took for granted.  My family has embraced the simpler life.  My kids are embracing trying new things that make them uncomfortable. We are learning a new language, and even though it’s uncomfortable at times and we may sound ridiculous, we still try. We are giving more of our time to serve people in need and feeling fulfilled in this work.  My husband and I are learning how to adapt to a this life together all while making our marriage stronger.  Our life has definitely changed being here, and even though there are many imperfections along the way….our life is Perfectly Imperfect!

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