First Day of School!


Change of Mindset…….

Every August I do all the back to school preparation….school supply shopping, clothes shopping, shoe shopping, haircuts….the list goes on!  But this year was a little different.  I did absolutely NOTHING.  Puerto Rico has definitely changed our way of thinking.  Today on the first day of school I finally looked at our school supply list….yup the day of school, I opened the list up, we had all the supplies in our art cabinet, so we threw it all together.  My kids had clothes, they aren’t brand new but they are clothes.  My kids had a grocery bag for their lunches, they weren’t the coolest lunch box but it held their food together.  The kids didn’t have fresh haircuts but in my eyes they looked beautiful.  My husband actually laughed at me because what would have bothered me back home didn’t phase me at all this morning.  I’ve always been a planner.  I hate not having things together and hate being unprepared for something.  Being here has made me more at ease and less stressed.  I see what we had before and what we used to worried about is nothing compared to some of the real struggles people go through.  I’m kinda digging the new ME!

New School…..

We decided to send our kids to a different type of school this year.  We thought with this change….why not do something a little outside the box for them too…and they were totally on board.  I mean…how awesome to have a morning school assembly on the beach.


(photo credit to Arts & Beyond Learning Center)


Celebrating the First Day….

I am celebrating today!  I am celebrating my kids!  I am celebrating that even though my kids have gone through so many changes recently, they are growing, and they are happy and healthy!  As I walk my kids into their new school, I couldn’t help but be thankful for our experience here.  I get to walk my kids into a place surrounded by beauty that encourages creativity, mindfulness, and culture!

(photo credit to Arts & Beyond Learning Center)

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