No more, “One day….”

ONE DAY……that always seems to be our go to phrase.  ONE DAY…we will travel.  ONE DAY…when the kids get older we will _______. ONE DAY…we will live a simpler, stress free life.  Why are we waiting for that ONE DAY?

Life is too short to keep saying ONE DAY! I am guilty of making excuses.  Some would say I’m an overthinker. Some would say I’m a worrier.  I say, I just think about all the what if’s.  What if we can’t afford it?  What if my husbands’ business can’t maintain when we are gone? What if the kids hate it and miss their only thing they have ever known? What if a life that seems so wonderful is not wonderful at all?  All these what if’s have kept us frozen for so long.  The phrase I hear all too often is so true….nothing changes if nothing changes!  So what changes were we really ready to take?

This past year has been a year of personal growth for me.  I have opened my heart up to so many different things.  Things that I said I would never do, things that I would probably have normally closed the door to in an instant, I have evaluated relationships, I have nourished lost friendships, and I have overcome personal devastation.  With all that said, I have become stronger, my faith has grown closer to God, and I now look at  life a little differently.  Life is too short, why am I living on What If’s!   I think what’s scarier to me is the complete opposite, I never want to look back and say WHAT IF!  We are taking a leap of faith….no more ONE DAY’s or What If’s for us!

So….to all our family and friends, or anyone else that is following our JOURNEY, we hope to INSPIRE you. We hope you are watching us and the flame is being ignited.  I’m not telling you to get up and go like we are.  I am telling you to think about all your “One Day’s” and go for it! You have the choice to determine what tomorrow looks like. Dreams are attainable, but a dream in only a WISH without a PLAN!  Start making those PLANS!  Find a support system that encourages you to be the best version of yourself.  Ignore the naysayers.  You are the only one that can say yes and do what you have always wanted to do….SO DO IT!




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