Puerto Rico Here We Come

It’s official….we are moving to Puerto Rico! We decided that the best place for us is in the surf town of Rincon, Puerto Rico. With 5 one way tickets leaving in June, Rincon will be our new home for a while. Why Puerto Rico?  We loved the idea of a laid back beach town vibe.  We also wanted something close to the same time zone for work purposes.  My husband wanted to surf. I wanted to volunteer.  Puerto Rico seemed to fit all the checkboxes for our family criteria.  We have had so much fun figuring out this next step in our lives and we can’t wait to get there! It has been a bit overwhelming, the thought of having to pack up the entire family and leave the only place we have lived as a family is scary.  Although overwhelming and stressful, we are excited and believe it will be totally worth it…but there is lots to do before the BIG day!

We are now dealing with all the to do’s that have to be done before our BIG move.   We will be moving over 3,000 miles away. It’s amazing how many people think Puerto Rico is another country. We are not moving out of the country….Puerto Rico is still in U.S. territory.  Some of the items on our checklist include, updating our wills, going through everything we own to sell, trash, store, or take with us. Getting our house ready to rent. Selling a car. Buying a car in Puerto Rico. Kids schooling. Shipping all our belongings and our dog.  Side note: we are only allowed one dog, so we are taking Lyla with us. She is our older dog who has been with us for 8 years.  We are looking for a good foster/adoption home for our puppy, Tyson. So needless to say, there is lots to do and the countdown has officially begun…only 88 more days!

What seems to be the most interesting and fun part of this move will be the chance to start fresh in a new place. The only real constant we will have is our family of 5 (+ dog) and a few bags of our belongings. We are excited to become a part of this surf community.  We are excited to try new things and be a part  of a culture that is out of our comfort zone, new foods, new pace, new lifestyle, new community, new language.  One thing is for sure, the Kelly’s are going to learn Spanish!

The emotional part of this journey is leaving our family and friends.  We hope they will visit us often.  It’s bittersweet to think that we are actually doing this.  We have heard nothing but encouraging words from our support system, and although we know they are sad to say goodbye, they know that this has  been a dream of ours.  Many are concerned about our location of choice, especially after the devastation from the Hurricane, but while there are still some areas (mainly in the mountain areas) that are still without power, Rincon has water and power.  We are excited to be a little part in helping a community get back to the way it was.  As Mother Teresa said, “Do small things with great love.”  So here we are, about to set off on the next chapter of our lives!!!










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