5 One Way Tickets!!!

The school year’s end is in sight, so we are preparing for our next adventure. We know we have to do something longer than the 3 weeks away we did last summer. We want to get away from our day to day life to explore the world and ourselves. The only thing we need to decide is where to go and how long to stay. Before we reveal where we are headed and for how long, here are some of the questions and criteria we considered.
Where do we go?
Somewhere completely different than where we currently live
     Outside of Texas
     Outside of the states
Somewhere that we could be closer to nature
     No big cities
     Good climate to enjoy the outdoors year round
Somewhere that has a sense of community and somewhere to volunteer
     Outside of states
     Smaller town
     No Suburbia
     Poorer area (outside of US)
Somewhere in a timezone close to my work (CST)
     Max 2 hours difference 
     Basically limited us to the Americas (Sorry Thailand)
Somewhere that had a beach
     We did briefly consider Canada or Alaska, but we have small children and the beach         is just too appealing.  It serves as a constant default of what we will do for the day.
     I also want to surf.
Somewhere that we was easy on our budget
     Our dollars needed to go further than they do at home and we will need to cut
     some expenses to live there for as long as we hope.
Somewhere with a different culture and preferably spoke Spanish
     Why not learn another language in the process? 
Somewhere safe
     This one is a bit tricky, but it is rather easy to eliminate quite a few countries very               quickly.  Basically anything that I am aware of as potentially dangerous is quickly               eliminated (major drug cartels, political unrest, etc.).  Sadly that eliminates a
     lot of Central America.
As you can tell, we are narrowing our list down to only a few select places.
How long do we go for?  This was more affected by our reality of career, school and personal responsibilities.  I looked closely at my business and figured that I can make the necessary changes to move away forever if needed.  It will also force me to improve some structural problems with my business that I have neglected to improve until now. My wife’s new job as a teacher will allow us some flexibility to be gone for the summer.  We are still working out the details, but our plan is to go for as long as we can get away with. So 5 one way tickets….where did we decide?

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