Response to Pinterest Mom

His Version….

Response to Pinterest Mom

I notice how this affects you in our daily life. You are the worrier in our family. You are the one to ensure our kids are safe and happy. You ask “What if we “fail”? But why do we feel like we have so much to live up to? What are we trying prove? What is the TRUE definition of a “Good” mom?”. We do see your love and you are “our perfect mom”. It is similar to the idea of the parents who read all the baby books to prepare for parenthood. These are more often better parents, not because they learned anything from the books, but they were the type of parents who were so interested and motivated to become better parents that they bought and read books on the subject. They were already good parents is the point. The simple fact that you strive to be a great mother is a large part of what makes you a great mother. We see how fantastic of a mother you are everyday. I see it in their smiles when you ask for just one more hug or kiss. I hear it when they laugh at your jokes. I see it when they have disappointed you and are heartbroken. We know deep down that you love us and always will. We know this so well that it is not something we think about often. It just is. We don’t often acknowledge it, but we all think the world of you. I know you sacrifice a lot for us. We will keep striving to be worthy of all you do for us and to serve you like you serve us, but know the main thing we want of you is your love and you to be happy. We don’t care if we have the best stuff. We don’t care if you aren’t homeroom mom as long as someone (anyone) brings cupcakes on our birthday. We don’t care if your have no makeup on or if you hair has some grey in it or if you wear yoga pants. In fact dad prefers yoga pants. You are naturally beautiful without the need for makeup anyway. We could care less if the house isn’t perfect especially since we are the ones that messed it up originally. We are fine with whatever crafts or errands we run as long as we get to do them with you. We just want you to be happy as that always translates into everyone else’s happiness.

The kids would say they want you to play with them more often. I would say I just want you to chill out more. The truth is the kids want you to show them how to be a grateful, fulfilled, positive and good people. They want boundaries and discipline along with a more playful mom. And while a chill out wife sounds optimum, I do appreciate that you are the one to remember the small but important things. It is a positive thing that you always have the kids on your mind, even if that is a worry. You remember all the special days and make sure they are celebrated. You are there to make sure every bump, bruise, cut or emotional scar is properly cared for and sealed with a kiss. You are the one who notices if something is slightly off with any of the kids, whether they are about to get sick or had a rough day. You are there to make sure I don’t let the kids burn the house down (or that I don’t burn it down myself). You also bring so much joy to our family. You want to be around the kids all the time. You miss and think about them when they are away. You cry at each of their birthdays’ (as I cheer). You are the light of our family. You are there for all those things that I overlook. I assume you are also the one who changes our sheets, buys new towels and fills the soap dispensers up. We have a great life thanks to how wonderful a mother you are.  So thank you for being our perfect mom.


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