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Her Version…..

The pressure of motherhood is all too real for so many moms.  As a parent, we try to provide a loving environment, an environment where our kids can grow and thrive to be good, honest, God loving people.  Talk about pressure….Geez!!! If we screw up as parents, what will that mean for our kids?

We are seriously our toughest critics! What if we “fail”?  But why do we feel like we have so much to live up to? What are we trying prove? What is the TRUE definition of a “Good” mom?

I have always wanted to be that picture perfect mom…you know that “Pinterest” mom.  The mom that cooks healthy meals for her family, the mom that volunteers as homeroom mom, the crafty mom that has the cutest ideas for every holiday and occasion, the one that keeps the house tidy. The mom that chauffeurs their children around town for a million after school activities because “the kids love it.”  The mom that is always put together and does it ALL with GRACE….but we all know the truth, there is no such thing as that mom!!!

I am THAT mom that is thankful for cereal in the morning.  I am THAT mom that rushes out of work just to be in the carpool line on time everyday.  I am THAT mom that runs to Target the night before a holiday to make sure it is special when her kids wake up.  I am THAT mom that has a constant pile on never ending laundry and loves saturday morning cleaning as a family.  I am THAT mom that gives her 3 kids limits on activities because we are officially outnumbered!!!  I am THAT mom that lives in scrubs and yoga pants.  I am THAT mom that doesn’t have it all together, my GRACE is sometimes gone….and all I can do is breakdown and cry.  I am THAT mom that knows it’s ok….because I love my kids and they see my love everyday.  They see my sacrifices and my hard work to be THEIR PERFECT MOM!


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