Asking the Questions

With a new goal in front of us as a family a lot of our conversations now revolved around some of these more important questions and our attempt at answering them.

One thing jumped out to me upon reflection of our relationships and happiness. We were really happy when we were on vacation. No kidding, right. Why was there so much difference in our happiness between vacation and home life? Was it the place, more free time, a new setting or just the idea of being on vacation? Or was our home life filled with too much unnecessary bs? We wanted to get to the bottom of these questions.

On vacation, we were chilled, had more energy and were more adventurous. I was actually pleasant, funny and more patient. And my wife…vacation wife is a thing of wonder and damn near perfection. She smiles more, is more affectionate, funny, loving and even laughs at my jokes. The best thing was that we now understood what the goal should look like and in theory could be attainable.

Another question we didn’t have a good answer as to why we live where we do. We didn’t know. We never had a conversation of where we would want to live. We just ended up here and have been living together for 17 years in and around Fort Worth, Texas. We love Texas, but have never lived anywhere else. So if we kept struggling to bring the vacation home with us back to Texas, why not take our home life on vacation. That was our next test.

We decided on a 4-5 week vacation to Costa Rica as a family. I would take my laptop to test if I could keep up with my work. We would try to live like a local, make friends, go grocery shopping and live normally. Our goal was to find a balance of family/work time at home while surfing, swimming, and exploring new places with the kids. We had to shorten the trip to 3 weeks as that is all the time off my wife could negotiate (She changed jobs a month later). Our result was that we loved it. It was a natural combination of normality and vacation. We did things we have never done before. We got bored. We adjusted. We got comfortable with being uncomfortable. We reconnected. My work got done. We saw new possibilities for our life. We vowed that the next summer we would go for as long as we could.


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