If we lived a life of “What if’s”

What if..... What if....years ago you were told to get in a random car with someone that you don’t know.  This random person would drive you from place to place....umm NO THANKS! CREEPY! What if....someone told you that you should rent a room in a strangers house. You or your friends had no clue who… Continue reading If we lived a life of “What if’s”

Perfectly Imperfect

As my family and I sat on the beach watching the sun go down, I couldn't help but notice the sand.  Even though every crevice had its own shape, there was not one that was the same.  Every once in a while the wind would pick up and change the shape once again or a… Continue reading Perfectly Imperfect

First Day of School!

Change of Mindset....... Every August I do all the back to school preparation....school supply shopping, clothes shopping, shoe shopping, haircuts....the list goes on!  But this year was a little different.  I did absolutely NOTHING.  Puerto Rico has definitely changed our way of thinking.  Today on the first day of school I finally looked at our… Continue reading First Day of School!